Nursery and Toddlers

We believe that the best place for your baby is in your arms. But being that most homes today contain two “breadwinners”, the very next best thing is in the loving arms of our loving staff.

We employ caretakers who demonstrate a strong desire to care for your loved one. In addition, all of our caretakers are First-Aid & CPR certified for your baby’s protection.

Focus Areas:
  • Care & Nurturing Your Baby
  • Safety & Security
  • Engaging Centers
Skills Acquired:
  • Gross-Motor Skills
  • Auditory & Communication Skills
  • Confidence


As your child grows, so does his curiosity meter. Your toddler absorbs information like a sponge at this stage.
We will meet his curiosity by exploringactivities that cultivate artistic expression, imagination and creativity.
At this stage we will also begin the process of reading, writing, and math readiness.

Focus Areas:
  • Communication & Participation
  • Group etiquette
  • Imagination and Cognition
Focus Areas:
  • Communication & Participation
  • Group etiquette
  • Imagination and Cognition


Our Pre-Kers never stop expoloring, and are introduced to problem-solving concepts that involve math and science. Our curriculum also focuses on reading through sight words and word recognition.

Online progress reports and scheduled parent-teacher conferences will keep you connected; letting you know every step of the way how your child is progressing. Every child grows at his or her own pace, and we will work with your child to ensure he or she is ready for the Kindergarten.

Focus Areas:
  • Developing an appreciation for Reading, Writing, & Math
  • Language & Expression through Music
  • Cognition & Socialization Skills
Skills Acquired:
  • Increased Reading & Writing Skills
  • Increased Language Expression
  • Increased awareness & Talents discovered

After-School Program

Our AfterSchoolers know the drill –
“Do what we have to do, so we can do what we wanna do.”

Thus, homework is tackled first before activities.
After homework and afternoon snack is complete, fun groups or individual activities are at your child’s fingertips. All of our activities are design to cultivate team-orientation and leadership abilities. Your child will love the activites, and you will love not having to do homework with them!